Vault Copy: Sacred Love "Dividing Lines" TEST PRESS

$ 60.00

Vault Copy: every once in a while, we will pull copies of long ago sold out, limited records from the vault and put them up for sale. We keep a few copies of every version but occasionally we will pull copies to sell in order to consolidate,make room, and raise money for future releases. These copies are new and un-played. 

Vault Copy: Sacred Love "Dividing Lines" TEST PRESS
 25 made with silkscreened cover, numbered. (Note: the number out of 25 that you get it not the one pictured)

Here is the Test Press of Sacred Love "Dividing Lines" One-sided 12" EP. It has a special silk screened cover with art by EV from Mindset. 
Each cover was hand silk screened. The front cover has beautiful sparkly, purple ink. The back cover does have some issues with the ink but with hand-screened items, this happens. 

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